Renaut van der Riet

Renaut van der Riet

Lead Pastor of Mosaic Church

Renaut has been in full time ministry for the past 20 years.  He is a husband, father, visionary leader, and pastor. Renaut’s most important role is as husband to his wife, Brooke, and as father to his 8 children, ranging in age from 10 – 19.  In 2012 four of his children were adopted from Ethiopia.

Renaut is founding pastor of Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Mosaic was planted in 2002 and is one of the fastest growing churches in Orlando with more than 2500 attending gatherings at two campuses each week, including a Spanish speaking Latino gathering.

In addition to leading Mosaic, Renaut and Brooke are the founders and owners of multiple business ventures including Axum Coffee, a specialty coffee shop chain, Axum Roastery, House Blend Cafe and the Healthy Living Cafe, a healthy living experience.  All their business ventures give 100% of net profits away towards social justice issues around the globe.

Renaut inspires and challenges people to live lives informed by the Gospel of Jesus in every arena.  He is passionate about marriage and family life, communicating the privilege and responsibility we have to nurture those key relationships. He is well known for his unique communications style which puts people at ease, while engaging them in sound biblical teaching.


February 8, 2019
Main Session 1 | Transformed People
Mosaic Church
7:00pm  -  9:00pm
February 9, 2019
Main Session 3 | Transformed Cities
Mosaic Church
3:30pm  -  6:00pm